Angela Sterpka

Yoga Sessions-Thai Massage

The founder of DNA yoga. She has led outdoor yoga retreats as well as classes in ashrams, studios and forests!, staying yoga worldwide. She is a 500 hour Registered Yoga therapist (RYT), a certified Yoga Therapist and a Thai Yoga Masseuse

Emmeline Craig

 "As A Life coach in Personal Mastery. I love to empower my clients so they can thrive, doing what fuels their own fire and support them in joyfully exploring the unchartered territories between what they are today and what they can become"

Thom Switzer

"I loved yoga from the first class. I see yoga as a journey and I enthusiastically join with others as we walk this path. I like to share my enthusiasm with the class, with music and  meditation and flow. I trained with Rod Stryker, with Scott B Lossom, Judith Lassiter, Jill  Abelson. The heavens opened up and provided me with a mentor L Lesley Desaulniers who is  always pointing the way.  I guide Vinyasa flow with an eye to the Jivamukti style including  Kirtan, chanting, meditation  along with a vigorous Vinyasa flow.  I also teach a Restorative practice. A gentle flow taught  with restorative poses at the end. "

Jacqueline Mallegni

"I create mixed media minimalist sculpture with a focus on the concept of 'the spaces between' exploring the perception of a landscape. What is it we, as humans, choose to see. The spaces between us and them, inside/outside. The space between contemplation and chaos. The sculptures I create are small installations made with rattan, foraged natural materials, Japanese style handmade paper, cast flax and silk roving fiber, embellished with mono-prints infused with lichen and sumi ink. The intention is to evoke a sense of place and one’s relationship to that place. To pause and reflect on the beauty within. My work is ethereal in nature inspired by Asian aesthetics and philosophies of wabi-sabi (acceptance of transience and imperfection) and yugen (deep awareness)."

Rob Erteman, DVM

Rob Erteman, DVM has been a practicing Vet for 25 yrs. earning his credentials from UC Davis in 1982. His focus is on small animals and more specifically his specialty is  treating both physical and behavioral issues employing  the techniques developed by Dutch Physician, Niek Brouw in Psychomotor Therapy that animals (and people) acquire which impede their development. Dr. Erteman hosts workshops, seminars and treats animals in private sessions.